Get Motivated to Drop 2–4 Dress Sizes in One Month: 4 Steps to Get your Dream Body

Weight Loss Before and After: Adele’s Inspirational 100+ Pounds Weight Loss Transformation

Get Motivated: 100-Pound Weight Loss Before and After-What It‘s like to Lose 50+ Pounds of Belly Fat

How to lose 4 dress sizes in a month or how to lose 20+ pounds in 30 days they all mean the same thing, losing weight on a deadline. Whether it be a high school reunion,your own wedding or other specific occasions. But before we get into it, let’s talk about what matters most when it comes to effective and successful weight loss.

In this article we’re going to cover the 4 steps to get your dream body. I always believe the best solutions are the simple ones so I don’t have 12 tips or 15 keys to losing weight fast. Just the 4 keys that are essential to successful weight loss.

Note: This article is more about the principles of weight loss and proper mindset to get you motivated for a higher success rate.

1. First Key to Successful Weight Loss: Set up Practical Goals

Different Aesthetic Standards

Let’s take a look at the picture above. Sure you see the woman in black dress. I believe you may not find her to be super slim but she has the beautiful feminine curves which makes her look just as attractive as the lady in purple on the right, who’s holding a wheel position on the ground whom I believe most people would consider to be slender. I don’t know about you but they’re both just as fit and beautiful to me.

A friend of mine once told me when he was younger he used to find chubby girls much more attractive than skinny girls. As you can see, human perceptions of beauty change from time to time and vary from individual to individual. What really matters is the way you see yourself. In my opinion, every woman is unique and beautiful her own way. Some might be sort of ‘big-boned’ while others are rather plump or extremely tall and skinny. Each of us is born with an inherited body type which we sometimes can do little to change. So before we even jump into any sort of diet or workout plan we need to know what our natural body type looks like and get the idea of the best version of body we are most likely to achieve and feel comfortable with it. It’s impractical to pursue the hourglass figure when your natural body type is rather tall and “narrow-butt” if you know what I mean. It’d be nice to have a body like that of Kim Kardashian, whom I pretty much believe is born that way.

Measure Your Dress Sizes instead of Weight

Losing 3–4 dress sizes in a month is actually a more specific goal than losing 20 pounds in 21 days. It will make you less obsessed with the numbers on the weight scale when all you have to do is measure your waistline & hip circumference. It will give you a better idea how close you are towards your fitness goal.

2. Second Key to get you started: Mindset

Mindset is essential for successful weight loss in the long term. You need to truly love yourself for who you are and willing to do whatever it takes for your well-being. You are beautiful the way you are. You are worthy of a great and healthy life and you will get your dream body once you started believing in you.

What are the real reasons that make you want to start losing weight? Health issues? Want to fit in some fabulous outfits? Abs that will turn heads when you’re on the beach?

Try to find the strongest motivations that will get you started and keep you going towards your goal.

They have to be bigger than just want to look great and feel good about yourself which by the way is nothing wrong either. It’s so important that you’re doing this out of strong love for you and your loved ones because it will give you power to continue and get you motivated. That’s why having your mind in the right place is crucial to successful weight loss.

My 4-year-old daughter asked me a question the other day:”Mom,will you still be around when I grow up?” “Do you want me to still be around by then?” “Of course I do! I want you to always be around no matter how old I am.” “I will do my best,honey”,was the promise I made to her.

That reminds me of my parents, who are already advanced in age yet still being so healthy and energetic and not suffering any kind of pain which most elderly people do(backache,rheumatism,arthritis,knee pain,etc.).

My father is a wise and experienced natural therapist and herbal expert and is able to take good care of himself and my mom. I am so grateful that my parents are still so healthy and I want to follow the good example they set up for me.

I’d like to quote what my father used to say to us:”Always watch what you put in your mouth. You are not a trash can! Don’t just eat anything because it tastes good.”

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Use the Power of Mind

Think of Your body as a small universe with your mind being the most powerful thing that maintains the balance within this small universe.

Or if we think of the body as some sort of hardware then your mind is like the software that actually makes the hardware works at its best.

I know this metaphor might be a little too simplistic but it’s important to fill our minds with positive thoughts. Because your mind and your words actually have the power to program your life into the way you want it to be.

If we fill our minds with negative thoughts then we’re most likely not going to take any action to achieve any goal that would make us healthier or have a better life that we deserve because deep down in our hearts we think it’s impossible or just too difficult to achieve.

That’s why mindset is the key to successful weight loss because it is often followed by aligned actions which naturally lead to a change of lifestyle. Now that if you know for sure you are doing this out of strong love for yourself and your loved ones and you have your mind set in the right place then we’re good to go.

Seek Professional Help

Now if you are having some sort of eating disorder problem like you often found yourself staring at the big empty ice-cream container after watching your favorite movies at midnight.

Or maybe you stress-eating alot or some of you even suffer from something worse such as bulimia or anorexia. Then the last thing you need to worry about now is the way you look like.

I’d suggest that you look deeper into the real reasons behind your eating disorder behavior or even seek professional help if necessary.

3. Third Key that is Crucial: Maintain Hormonal and Metabolic Balance

Maintaining hormonal and metabolic balance is the essential key to successful weight loss especially for women who are overweight and what they’ve been doing is eat very little and move a lot while still not getting the result they want.

A hormonal imbalance can greatly affect women’s beauty and the distribution of their body fat[1]. For example, the lack of estrogen can cause our skin to lose its tautness which means wrinkled face and fine lines around the eyes. When the estrogen levels are low it could lead to excessive weight gain as well.

The growth hormone, which is known to be able to help burning fat while also building your muscles and bones during your deep cycles of sleep-[2][3]. That’s why having quality sleep is so important if we want to actually lose that stubborn fat that’s stored in our trouble spots because the effective fat burning process actually happens while we’re sleeping not when we’re exercising.

The Insulin hormone, also known as the “fat-storing hormone”, is produced by our pancreas, regulates the metabolism of carbs, protein and fat. Insulin is released when our blood sugar levels rise. It helps absorb glucose from the blood and store it for future use. If we absorb too much glucose our body converts it into fat which causes weight gain. That’s why we need to stay away from refined sugar(or refined carbs) in order to prevent dramatic raise of blood sugar levels that spike up the secretion of insulin which results in converting excessive blood sugar into fat.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, also referred to as the “stress hormone” due to the fact that its release is increased in response to stress and low blood sugar levels. We want to keep our cortisol levels down so we can turn on that fat-burning mode which boosts our metabolisms and helps us lose the stubborn fat in our trouble spots. Basically when our cortisol level is high our body switches from the fat-burning mode to the muscle-breaking and fat-storing mode.

I don’t want to bore you with the science here but it’s important that we understand that human body is complicated and we need to take multi-factors into consideration instead of just simplify things with the “eat less and move more” equation.

If you want to know how to “eat more exercise less” to regain hormonal and metabolic balance then read this article to learn more.

4. Fourth Key: Stop Dieting

In saying dieting I mean any kind of calorie restriction diets or weird/extreme diets that might cause nutrient deficiency which could be screwing up your hormonal and metabolic balance and thus make all your efforts and attempts at weight loss go in vain. The kind of dieting that’s not sustainable and practical, the kind that makes you feel listless,depressed,tired and your moods swinging from time to time you could hardly summon any energy to do what you want to do.

As I have mentioned before, we do need to watch what we eat but we also need to develop a healthy relationship with our food so we won’t be afraid of having food that would actually make us healthy just because it has higher calories.

The thing about counting calories is that it’s hard to be accurate. The same food seasoned and cooked in different ways could have different calorie counts. When we count the calories of a specific fruit we also need to take into account other factors such as its maturity because of the difference of sugar content in it.

As for the chicken breast we have is it with skin or without skin and what’s the protein to fat ratio of it? Sounds complicated isn’t it? Well it is and it’s exhausting and inefficient if you have to do this on a daily basis.

By the way do you always feel like you need to remove the skin of the meat you have because it will make you fat? Well do you know that eating meat along with its skin actually helps you digest better and having good quality fat such as natural animal fat actually helps you burn fat in a more efficient way?

What and How to Eat Matters

I don’t need to tell you what you should eat to lose weight healthily because you’ve probably already gathered tons of information from different sources about it.

You know how important it is to have good quality proteins to help you build muscles(boost metabolisms),that you should also include healthy fat,carbs, probiotics, fibers,vegetables in your meals as well so I guess I shouldn’t waste your time repeating what you already know.

But what about the type and combination of food, what kind of protein together with what kind of carbs and vegetables, the amount of each category, what seasoning to use, which food combination or pairing of spices/flavors works better, when to eat ,etc?

For example: Crab is a great source of protein and orange is also considered a good source of carbs which contains low calories and several vitamins and minerals. However eating a great amount of crab while guzzling gallons of cold orange juice may not be a good choice for people with poor digestive system.

Drinking soup made by certain combination of meat and vegetables is different from eating each ingredient separately. Salmon is well known for containing omega 3 fatty acids which may also help us burn body fat. However we need to look deeper into the nutritional differences between farmed salmon and wild salmon. We also need to be careful not to have seafood as our main source of protein given the fact that the ocean is highly polluted and chemicals and pollutants can be absorbed by fish or other marine life through their environment and diet.

Yes there is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to choosing food for health and effective weight loss.

Losing weight or dropping dress sizes fast is not something difficult to achieve. Eating nutrient dense food combination in a right way can lead to rapid weight loss without having to starve yourself or doing excessive cardios/HIIT exercises.




Loss weight without diet or exercise

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